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3 Things I Won’t Do Again On Velocicoaster

by Corey Piccirillo
3 Things I Won't Do Again On Velocicoaster

Here are 3 Things I Won’t Do Again On Velocicoaster if you want to have a good time! I’m not sure if it was the excitement of finally getting to ride the Velocicoaster or just adrenaline, but I did a few things on our coaster ride that I definitely won’t do again.

#1 Thing I Won’t Do Again On Velocicoaster

One thing that I promise you that I’ll never do again is ride on any of the middle rows on Velocicoaster. I rode one time on the middle row to give my readers realistic feedback, which it wasn’t great at all. Why? Because it is tame compared to the front row and back row! If you’re going to wait 45+ minutes to ride this thrilling rollercoaster, then do yourself a favor and experience it all in the front and back rows – it’s 100% worth it! 

Velocicoaster entrance of the main waiting queue

#2 Thing I Won’t Do Again On Velocicoaster

Another thing I won’t do on Velocicoaster is forget to bring a LANYARD! A secure way to put your park ticket or pass in during this thrilling adventure is critical. Since your ticket is the key to your locker, you’ll need to make sure you keep this secured on you, and let me tell you – keeping it in your pocket isn’t the move, sis! If you didn’t know, Velocicoaster has 2-speed launches that will have you zooming at speeds of 70 mph over air time hills, a 140-foot drop, a full moment upside down, and a corkscrew. So, in other words, anything in your pocket will most likely not be there by the end of this epic ride! 

#3 Thing I Won’t Do Again On Velocicoaster

The last thing I won’t do on Velocicoaster is broken up into two fundamental parts that revolve around the locker situation on this ride. Firstly, I won’t panic about not being able to find the locker stations outside of the entrance. Guess what? You won’t find them outside anyways. Since this ride is so new and advanced, Universal added the lockers into the actual waiting queue of the ride. So no worries, you’ll get to the lockers during your wait time. I wish I knew that before a brief moment of panic of not being able to find them my very first time riding. Secondly, I won’t try to bring a GoPro or phone through the metal detectors – spoiler alert – they’ll make you put it in your locker! You literally can’t bring any electronics on the ride – only a strapped-on Apple Watch.

Velocicoaster Overview

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If you want to have a good time on the Velocicoaster, I suggest avoiding these three things. But don’t worry; we’re here to help make sure your experience is as enjoyable as possible. Give us a call today, and let us help you plan your visit!

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