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Halloween Horror Nights

It’s that time of year again when the leaves change color, and the air gets a little cooler. That can only mean one thing – Halloween Horror Nights is almost here! If you’re like me, you’re probably getting excited about all the scares and fun (or maybe you’re just terrified). In either case, I wanted to share with you some things I’ve learned over the years that will help make your experience at Halloween Horror Nights a little bit better. Enjoy!

Get ready to scream at Halloween Horror Nights 2022

1. Get Discounts For Halloween Horror Nights - Otherwise, It's Pricey

The surprise you’ve been waiting for – we offer discounts for you to survive this horrifying night! We have you covered if you want discounted hotel stays or discounted tickets! At the end of the day, Halloween Horror Nights are run through Universal, and Universal is expensive. Don’t make the cringe-worthy mistake of paying full retail. Call us for discounts! 

2. You Will Be Chased In The Scare Zones AT Halloween Horror Nights

I’m telling you from experience – you will get full-on chased down the street by scary killers and monsters. Your welcome for the heads up because guess what? I had NO IDEA that was a thing my first Halloween Horror Nights. So in honor of my horrific experience of being chased the entire time, please make sure you wear running and workout gear; you’ll definitely be getting those steps in. 

3. Three Words At Halloween Horror Nights - The Scare Actors

These ruthless killers make the whole experience. Of course, at this premiere Halloween event, they can’t touch you, but… I wish I knew that they get so close to you that it feels like they’re touching you! Yes, that’s right, so brace yourself for that – real fun. Oh, and if you think you’re safe “hiding” in and out of souvenir shops, you’re wrong. If the scare actors know you’re avoiding them and are terrified, they will either wait for you outside, or sometimes they will enter the store if they know you’ll scream! I learned the hard way. 

Your wildest nightmares start at Halloween Horror Nights

4. Fight Or Flight Or Get Kicked Out

It is human instinct to have that fight or flight feeling when faced with adrenaline-pumping fear; however, I wish I knew that if you “accidentally” fight and hit a scare actor, you’ll be kicked out of Halloween Horror Nights. I had no idea that’s how the procedure was. There is security everywhere through the event and law enforcement, and they don’t take these incidents lightly. So keep in mind that you’re safe at the event, and you should NEVER use the “fight” instinct at this event.

Halloween Horror Nights Event Dates

5. Visit on the Least Busy Days For Halloween Horror Nights

Friday and Saturday are always the busiest nights. I highly recommend going during the week to beat these large crowds! Otherwise, if you go on the weekends, you certainly won’t be able to do all the haunted houses in one night. I wish I knew that it would be insanely busy on the weekends, like almost unenjoyable unless you shell out hundreds for an express pass. 

Halloween Horror Nights Overview

Start Screaming Now! Get Your Tickets Today!

Whether you’re a first-timer or a Horror Nights regular, I hope this post will help make your experience even better. Don’t forget – if you want to save on your trip, be sure to call us! We want to make sure you have the best experience ever. See you there!

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