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Odd But Effective Ways To Skip The Line On Velocicoaster

by Corey Piccirillo
Islands of Adventure Velocicoaster Rollercoaster

Let’s face it – when it comes to high-adrenaline activities like Velocicoaster, waiting in an endlessly long line can really put a damper on your family’s fun day. What if you could skip or bypass the long waiting queue? In this blog post, we’re diving into guaranteed ways to skip the line on Velocicoaster so you can experience “the thrill of the hunt”! Here are odd but effective ways to skip the line on Velocicoaster that work every time!

Velocicoaster Corkscrew At The End Of The Ride!

Special Access Programs - Universal AAP

Universal Attraction Assistance Pass (AAP) is a special access program designed to make attractions more accessible to disabled individuals. The AAP cards can be obtained free of charge at guest services in both Universal parks. Universal’s Attraction Assistance Pass (AAP) works similarly to the Disneyland Disability Access Service (DAS) or Disney World’s Disability Access Service. The AAP still uses a paper system, whereas DAS has gone digital. The AAP is intended for guests with a cognitive or physical disability or condition that prevents them from being able to wait in a conventional queue. Universal’s Attraction Assistance Pass allows the person with disabilities and their party to wait in an alternate queue (such as the Universal Express queue) when times allow it. 

Velocicoaster Speeding By Going At Speeds Of 70 MPH+

Birthday/First-Timers Button Hack

This method works in two ways. If it’s your birthday, be sure to go to guest services at the front of both Universal parks to get your birthday celebration button. If it’s your first time at Universal, you must play the part and lay down that charming persuasion. So whichever method you go with its ends in the same way. You go up to the ride attendants of Velocicoaster (they’re right in front before you enter the line queue). You pretty much ask them nicely that it’s “your birthday” or your “first time” and that you’re only there for the day and if there is any way that you can skip the line so you can ride it guaranteed. This method has worked for me many times before!

Velocicoaster Universal is a fast rollercoaster experience with a 140 ft. drop!

Rope Dropping For Velocicoaster

To ensure you get the most out of your coaster experience, rope dropping is one method that parkgoers rely on to avoid endless lines. Rope dropping is when guests arrive at the park’s front gates as soon as they open to be among the first guests to enter and visit the attractions without having to wait in the queue. This method totally beats waiting 45 minutes to over an hour! If you sacrifice sleeping in for the rope drop method, you can go multiple times to start off the day. I recommend getting to the park 45 minutes to an hour beforehand.

Velocicoaster Overview

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If you want to enjoy your day at the Velocicoaster without waiting in line, consider using one of these methods the next time you visit. And don’t forget – if you’re looking for ways to save money on your tickets, give us a call. We offer discounts on Universal tickets all the time!

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