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The Top 10 Attractions at Animal Kingdom

by Jennifer Berry
Disney’s Animal Kingdom, one of the four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort, is full of rides, adventures and entertainment, and it reflects Walt Disney’s love for nature and conservation.These are the 10 best rides you can’t afford to miss during a visit to Animal Kingdom. 

1. Flight of Passage

Flight of Passage at the Pandora The World of Avatar is a unique experience that will take you to places you can only imagine. Jump on the back of a banshee on a stimulating 3D journey over the vast moon, Pandora. Catch a glimpse from up above and explore this unforgettable land that’s filled with mystery and beauty. 

2. Expedition Everest

This high-speed adventure combines the thrill of a rollercoaster with the folklore tales of the Yeti. The ride takes you on a journey through the Himalayas, where this mysterious creature is constantly lurking around the corner. The ride starts out easy, but the tension rises slowly. With a few dips here and there at first, the coaster continues to climb up until it reaches a full stop. The Yeti has destroyed the tracks! Where do you go now?

3. Festival of the Lion King

Based on the hit movie, this great musical production delights audiences with songs from the film and a cast full of familiar faces like Simba, Timon and Pumbaa. An unmissable spectacle at Animal Kingdom. 

4. Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

This ride is perfect for the whole family. Embark on a journey through an incredible tropical forest perfect for spotting animals in their natural habitat.

5. Kilimanjaro Safaris

Get ready to hit the road! This ride takes you on an adventure through the Harambe Reserve, a 100-acre land in Africa’s most remote lands, on a Jeep alongside 31 other passengers. You’ll be able to see some of the world’s most exciting creatures on this fantastic journey through the African plains.

6. Kali River Rapids

Jump on board a 12-passenger dingy and get ready to soak up the day! The Chakranadi River rapids will have you gasping and laughing all the way down. It’s a whitewater rafting adventure!     


This exciting ride will take you back in time 65 million years, where you’ll be face to face with some enormous prehistoric creatures. Your mission will be to find and save the Iguanadon before the meteorite hits Earth. You’ll travel aboard a 12-seat Time Rover on a wild journey through the dark forest as bits of meteorite begin to hit Earth as you get closer to your objective. This is a wild and scary journey – children must be at least 40 inches tall to ride. 

8. Primeval Whirl

This is an out of this world rollercoaster ride that lets you spin through time on very twisty curves, extreme shap turns and unexpected dips. Hold on to your hat!

9. Tree of Life

The jewel of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, this 14-story tall tree is beautifully designed. It has animals carved into the trunk and a nighttime light show that will be the highlight of your trip. 

10. It’s Tough to be a Bug!

It’s Tough to be a Bug! is an incredible 3D adventure that’s fun for all ages! With characters like Flik, Hopper and Princess Atta, Disney’s animated film A Bug’s Life comes to life under the Tree of Life. 

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