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5 Things I Won’t Do Again In Orlando

by Corey Piccirillo
Cinderella Castle At Magic Kingdom - Is This One Of The 5 Things I Won't Do Again In Orlando

Orlando is a fantastic city. It has world-class attractions, beautiful scenery, and some of the best restaurants around. Orlando is also home to several attractions including Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld Orlando. Just like any destination, there are certain things that I won’t do again when I’m in Orlando next time. Here are 5 things I won’t do again in Orlando as a local and as someone who has vacationed there many times.

Islands of Adventure Velocicoaster Rollercoaster

1. Not Take Advantage Of Discounts And Deals

This is something I regret not doing in Orlando. I should have taken advantage of the discounts and deals offered by the attractions and restaurants in the area. I could have saved a lot of money if I had researched beforehand. Going forward, I will make sure to research and take advantage of discounts and deals when planning a trip to Orlando.  There are still deals in Orlando even though Disney and Universal keep raising their prices. Many hotels and attractions in Orlando offer discounts, coupons, and special packages to make visiting theme parks more affordable. Right now, we have Universal Studios Tickets for $49. We also offer 70% off theme park tickets and hotels in Orlando. Call us before you book anything in Orlando in order to save the most money on your vacation!  Additionally, there are also discounts for seniors, AAA members, and military personnel.

Things I Won't Do Again In Orlando - Drive On I-4 During Rush Hour

2. Drive On I-4 During Rush Hour

I-4 is a major highway running through the heart of Orlando and is infamous for its traffic congestion during rush hour. During peak times, the highway can become gridlocked, resulting in hours of delays and increased chances of accidents. The combination of heavy traffic, tight merging lanes, and frequent construction can make navigating I-4 during rush hour a frustrating experience. To avoid the headache and potential danger, it is best to avoid I-4 during rush hour in Orlando. Rush hour is usually on weekdays between 5 – 7 pm, and on weekends you should avoid I-4 if you’re going to the Disney World area.

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3. Spend A Lot Of Money On Souvenirs

Spending a lot of money on souvenirs in Orlando can be a fun but costly experience. There are plenty of souvenir shops in the area, offering a wide variety of items ranging from keychains to t-shirts and even stuffed animals. Prices can vary wildly, so it’s essential to do your research before making any big purchases. Some shops may offer discounts if you buy in bulk or if you use a coupon. It’s also a good idea to check online for discounts and deals. Shopping around and comparing prices can help you find the best deal. For Disney souvenirs, I recommend either going on Amazon to buy them or checking out the Disney store at the outlet mall for great discounts!

Volcano Bay - Universal's Newest Water Park

4. Ignore The Florida Heat And Humidity

Visiting Florida during the hot and humid summer months can be uncomfortable. To make the experience more bearable, it is essential to stay hydrated, rest in air-conditioned areas, and wear light and breathable clothing. Additionally, sunscreen and sunglasses can help protect against the sun’s harsh rays. Not taking our advice on this one can result in heat exhaustion (which is very much a real thing) and heat stroke – which is extremely dangerous! Most people don’t realize or know that you can bring your own water bottle to the theme parks. Not only is this a great way to save money instead of purchasing water bottles all day, but it is also an essential item you should pack to stay adequately hydrated during your vacation.

5. Miss Out On Unique Experiences Like Airboat Rides And Kayaking

There is more to do in Orlando other than the theme parks like Disney and Universal Studios. From airboat rides to kayaking, there is plenty to explore and experience in Orlando. Several companies offer airboat rides, some of the most popular being Boggy Creek Airboat Tours and Wild Florida Airboats. For kayaking, several companies offer guided kayak trips, such as A Day Away Kayak Tours, Kayak Orlando, and Paddling Florida. Not only are these activities more affordable than Disney (by a lot) they are also memorable because where else are you able to do clear kayaking in the springs in Florida and do airboat rides all on the same day?

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As a local, there are some things I won’t do again when I’m in Orlando next time. These include going to the theme parks during summertime and visiting the tourist traps on International Drive. If you’re looking for discounts on attractions and restaurants, be sure to call us – we can help! We hope you enjoy your time in Orlando, and if you have any questions or need advice, feel free to reach out to us.

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