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Have you ever been to Disney World? It’s a magical place, where dreams come true and childhood memories are made. Or is it? In this post, we’re going to debunk some of the worst tips you’ve ever heard about Disney World. So whether you’re planning your trip or are already there, read on for some advice that will help make your experience the best it can be!

The Worst Disney World Tips Make Donald Duck Angry

#1 Worst Disney World Tip - "ALways stay in the park from open to close" 🤦‍♀️

Now, this may be surprising to you – which I can totally see why it would be. However, doing it all non-stop from open to close will completely drain you – and believe me, this isn’t a fun feeling either! This is one of the worst tips because you should take a break in between the day to get lunch, go back to the hotel and nap, or just take a breather doing something else outside the theme parks. As a full-time content creator at the parks, I can tell you that it’s a grueling long day from rope drop to the very end of the night. Sometimes with the hour extensions, it can be from 8 am – 11 pm some days.

#2 Worst Disney World Tip - "You must stay on Disney property" 😒

Well, this is a big lie! For most, staying on Disney property is just unrealistic because it is so expensive per night. In addition, you’re not getting the room you expect to get for the money you pay. Most of the Disney accommodations aren’t super updated, and you’re really just paying for the transportation – however, looking at the cost of the room per night, it would most likely just be cheaper to park your car for $25 at the park. Plus, everyone gets to use the transportation on Disney property if you’re switching between parks or wanting to explore. Hence, it’s really not anything exclusive to stay on Disney property. We’re offering deals that will save you up to 70% off what you would pay at a Disney resort, and you get the same type of amenities close to Walt Disney World.

The Worst Disney World Tips could put a damper on your Disney vacation

#3 Worst Disney World Tip - "Park AT dISNEY sPRINGS" ❌

I did a Tiktok on this tip… honestly, this is the worst idea. Why is this the worst? Well, it’s not convenient at all; actually, it’s a journey to get from your car to the Disney park and then all the way back. If you’re looking to save $25, there are better ways than trying to evade the parking fee. I would suggest packing snacks and a water bottle instead of saving the parking fee (you would save roughly the same). After a fun day at Walt Disney World, the last thing you want to do is spend an hour getting from the park entrance to your car at Disney Springs – it’s not a cute feeling!

#4 Worst Disney World Tip - "Skip animal kingdom" 😨

This one is by far one of the Worst Disney World Tips. If you’re looking for an incredible family-friendly adventure, look no further than Animal Kingdom. This world-renowned theme park has something for everyone, from thrilling roller coasters to gentle safari rides. Disney’s Animal Kingdom has over 1,700 animals – so why would you want to pass that up?! People that suggest skipping Animal Kingdom haven’t explored all there is to offer here – I’ve been multiple times and still haven’t seen it all. Animal Kingdom is like a zoo mixed with the fun of a theme park!

Bring your poncho and save money

#5 Worst Disney World Tip - "You won't need a poncho" 😱

I’m giving you the side-eye right now… it’s best to be prepared and just have a poncho with you in your bag. Believe me – it rains randomly, and it’s best to have a plan B just in case it decides to downpour. There are Dollar Trees near the parks, and ponchos are $1.25; it’s best just to have them. Being a resident of Orlando for over six years, I promise you that it rains almost every day in the afternoon during the summer. 

aVOID tHESE at disney world

Share These Tips To AVOID

So there you have it – debunked! Disney World is a great place to visit, and with a little bit of knowledge about what to do (and more importantly, what not to do), your trip can be amazing. Stay away – far far away from the Worst Disney World Tips on this list.  If you’re still looking for savings on your vacation, don’t forget to call us. We offer discounts on tickets and packages that are sure to help make your dreams come true.

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